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Buckeye Advisors’ services are customized for each client, and can include:


  • In-home consultation
  • Relocation plan with timetable
  • Floor plan with furniture placement for new home
  • Serve as agent/point of contact for all services


  • Guide decisions about disposition of items
  • Assist in disposition of items


  • Schedule, oversee and manage entire move
  • Refer/interview/supervise movers
  • Arrange for professional packing, shipping and storage
  • Provide packing services for selected items
  • Make arrangements for additional services such as document shredding, pet care during the move and utilities transfers


  • Help with transition and settling into new home
  • Unpack, organize and place furniture and other belongings
  • Communicate address change to friends, family, businesses

Disposition/Allocation of Possessions

  • Coordinate sale, removal and donation of tangible assets
  • Supervise moves to family members, charity, consignment and sale
  • Refer estate sale and appraisal specialists

House Preparations

  • Project management to repair/replace features in the home in preparation for market
  • Work with realtor to stage former home for sale
  • Arrange for and supervise final cleaning of former home

For more information or to arrange a no cost initial consultation, please contact:

Buckeye Advisors
Fred Jordan

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